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Post  Dalroth on Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:28 am

Name: Dalroth
Age: 29
Class: Ironbreaker
level :30
Playtimes : Mon-Sun as often as my wife lets me.
Previous MMO experience: Major MUDD, EverQuest, DAOC, WoW. (In all about 15 years off and on MMO)
Play style: Calculating PvP player. I use tactic as much as possible along with rush attacks. I only like hanging back to lure the enemy into some type of trap..Knockback (Splash into the lava)

I have seen alot of Vitrue in the RvR world, and they all seem to do well enough on their own. I really dont like playing solo (No one to talk to) because i feel like i am just farming away which is lame. A good PvP guild is what i have been looking for i cannot stand CareBear PvE guilds, and you guys seem to fit the bill. I look forward to being a member of Virtue.


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