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Da Waaagh Jewelry Set Empty Da Waaagh Jewelry Set

Post  Tymid on Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:08 am

Waargh Item Set
(Level 35)

~ Moon Fang

Tome Unlock = Daemonette of Slaanesh - Sacrifice Over Excess
Tome Unlock Location = Dragonwake - Loc. 15,000, 9,000
Tome Unlock Details = Find a book to the West of the road along the mountain side, near a group of trees. Click the book and the named (her name ???) Daemonette will spawn. Kill her and loot an Icy Heart (you may have to repeat this process many times since the Icy Heart is a random drop). Once you have looted the Icy Heart, head to The Chaos Wastes, go to loc. 16,000 , 5,000 and right click the Alter of Broken Flesh there.

Tome Unlock Reward = Moon Fang


~ Black Toof

Tome Unlock = Chaos Hound - From Mouth to Neck
Tome Unlock Location = Saphery - Loc. 59,500 , 20,500
Tome Unlock Details = Kill Twisted Hounds until you loot the Amulet of Fangs. Then kill more Twisted Hounds until you have looted 10 Chaos Hound Fangs. Now go to the Chapter 13 camp in Saphery and speak to the Dwarf Golgrund Stonefist.

Tome Unlock Rewards = Black Toof


~ One Tusk

Tome Unlock = Chaos Spawn - Empirical Proof
Tome Unlock Location = Praag - Loc. 13,000 , 1000
Tome Unlock Details = A book called "Third Journal of Lilean" spawns near the npc Sasha Michailov, it also has a second spawn location east of Sasha Michailov near the entrance to the town behind a small building, right click this book.

Tome Unlock Reward = One Tusk


~ Broke Toof

Tome Unlock = Bloodbeast of Khorne
Tome Unlock Location = Location 1 = Bastion Stair - Middle of PQ1 (Hard)
Location 2 = High Pass - Chp. 12 PQ Stage 3 (Ez)
(The chp.12 PQ w/ beastmen)
Tome Unlock Details = Kill 100 Bloodbeast of Khorne

Tome Unlock Reward = Broke Toof


There are bonuses applied to this set at 2 pieces 3 pieces and 4 pieces the bonuses are not listed on the links.

Bonuses: 2pieces +2 Reduction in being critically hit
3pieces +2 Reduced Armor Penetration
4pieces +20 Addition AP Pool

Post any corrections you find ... thanks

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