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Post  Towers on Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:35 pm

Name: Towers
Age: 19
Class: Ironbreaker
Level : 12
Playtimes : Workdays: 5PM-11PM PST Days off: Sometimes all day
Previous MMO experience: Shadowbane, Horizons: Empire of Istaria, Lineage 2, City of Heroes, City of Villians, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan.
Play style: Strategic. I take full advantage of all the abilities I have at my disposal. I am a PvP enthusiast and enjoy the teamwork of PvE.

Short Story on why you would like to join .

I've been looking for a guild for the past few days so I can engage in the more exclusive WAR content (RvR, scenarios, PQs, etc) with a dedicated group of people instead of trying to find a PUG at all times. I was looking at the Recruitment forums and saw your post. It looked promising, so I decided to come here and post an application. I play when I can, as I have outside commitments (work, military, education) but I still do play frequently. Well, frequently enough for anyone who knows how much I play thinks it's odd. =P

In all MMOs I have played, I have always taken an active stance in whatever guilds I have joined. In Shadowbane, I was a guild founder of the argueabley 2nd or 3rd strongest guild on the server. In City of Heroes/Villians, I dealt with recruiting. In WoW, where I spent most of my time, I was a PvP officer, a paladin/priest class officer, and back when they had ranks, I achieved rank 12 as a Holy paladin. Now, in WAR, I seek to inspire activity and involvement in all the RvR and PQ events and lead scenarios, along with having fun with friends.

Thanks for considering me, hope I make the cut.


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App: Towers, rank 12 Ironbreaker Empty Re: App: Towers, rank 12 Ironbreaker

Post  Nao on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:44 am

Send me in game bud. Thanks for the clean intro and look forward to getting you in before we close invites to Virtue.


App: Towers, rank 12 Ironbreaker Naosigfinalfinal

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