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Post  slarith on Sat Sep 20, 2008 6:19 am

Name: Slarith

Age: 21

Class: Warrior Priest

Level: Currently 14

Playtimes: I get home at about 6 PST (9 EST) Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Other than that, i am usually able to be on during peak hours.

Previous MMO experience:
All of the experience listed below was new content. I've never backtracked to kill bosses easier..

Everquest on Vallon Zek: All of Velious (Kael / Sleepers Tomb) ; All of Kunark (Trakk) ; All of Luclin (Ssra / Vex Thal) ; Planes of Power (Up to Plane of Time) ; Omens of War (First tier) ; Gates of Discord (Battlemaster Rhorious)

I quit Everquest at this point as my guild disbands to play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Old World - Molten Core (All) ; Blackwing Lair (All) ; Zul'Gurub (All) ; Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (All) ; Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (All) ; Naxxramas (First boss of Deathknight and Spider Wing) ;

Burning Crusade - Karazhan (All) ; Gruul's Lair (Both) ; Magtheridon's Lair (Killed) ; Serpentshring Cavern (All) ; Tempest Keep (All) ; Zul'Aman (All) ; Battle of Mt. Hyjal (All) ; Black Temple (All) ; Sunwell Platue (14% M'uru P2)

Here is my armory, please note that the gear i have on is not my main spec, I usually raid as resto unless otherwise needed, although i think you can see the dedication in my raiding as my offset gear is better than most peoples main set. Also, i transfered and joined a friends guild when i quit WoW just to mess around.

Play style: I think my above experience says a lot about how well i work in a group as far as raiding goes. I'm a solid player with a good sense of humor and as drama free as possible. I never expect to be carried, a trait that is vital to being a successful player in a successful guild. I show up to guild events on time (usually early) with necessary equipment (Any potions, ammo, reagents, money needed) which i think largely contributes to good guild moral.

As far as i go, you can expect a solid, active player. I normally have great attendance record except during extreme times of change, and I notify proper leadership of these changes when they (rarely) occur. You can also expect me to be ready for raids on time, including necessary equipment, such as in WoW I always had potions, ammo, reagents and repair money ready, as well as general ideas of the encounters, and a basic idea of the guild strats on new content. I also tend to be very agressive when it comes to new content, including gathering necessary keys/reputation. I strive to achieve my goal of being as good of a player that i can possibly be, including reading forums and watching video's for advice / ideas on how to be better. I continually read such things and gather as much information as possible.

Short Story on why you would like to join: I have been a part of several high end guilds, and i would like to continue that trend. I view myself as a good solid player and a great guildmate. I am generally very into my guilds, and have done things such as donate money for tanks to respec, farmed potions for guild events for other people, helped buy / farm gear for core members, and in Everquest was a very active part of helping all of my guild mates get their Ssra Emp keys and Vex Thal keys.

I recently saw you guys in a scenario and you guys seemed very solid.

Thank you for your time in reading this application. I look forward to swiftly responding to any questions you may have, and reading any posts you make Smile

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Post  Nao on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:33 am

Wha !!!! No Avatar ? Pfft fired before your hired. Just fooling. You fall right in line with what Virtue is looking for in a player. I recommend grabbing our vent info and just popping in, look for a group and go from there. Right now were recruiting for active members that we can depend on. Dedicates are very important for us. We prefer to remain a small , fast elite guild. Im sure you have used ventrilo and im sure you will fit in just fine. I will be on pretty much 24/7 in the next 10 days look me up in game. Name is Naokhan or just do a /who virtue and group with any of those guys. Just let them know you applied to the guild and your lfgroup. In fact there should be many playing now.


Slarith's Application Naosigfinalfinal

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