Slarith's Application

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Slarith's Application

Post  slarith on Sat Sep 20, 2008 6:19 am

Name: Slarith

Age: 21

Class: Warrior Priest

Level: Currently 14

Playtimes: I get home at about 6 PST (9 EST) Tuesday Thursday and Friday. Other than that, i am usually able to be on during peak hours.

Previous MMO experience:
All of the experience listed below was new content. I've never backtracked to kill bosses easier..

Everquest on Vallon Zek: All of Velious (Kael / Sleepers Tomb) ; All of Kunark (Trakk) ; All of Luclin (Ssra / Vex Thal) ; Planes of Power (Up to Plane of Time) ; Omens of War (First tier) ; Gates of Discord (Battlemaster Rhorious)

I quit Everquest at this point as my guild disbands to play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Old World - Molten Core (All) ; Blackwing Lair (All) ; Zul'Gurub (All) ; Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (All) ; Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (All) ; Naxxramas (First boss of Deathknight and Spider Wing) ;

Burning Crusade - Karazhan (All) ; Gruul's Lair (Both) ; Magtheridon's Lair (Killed) ; Serpentshring Cavern (All) ; Tempest Keep (All) ; Zul'Aman (All) ; Battle of Mt. Hyjal (All) ; Black Temple (All) ; Sunwell Platue (14% M'uru P2)

Here is my armory, please note that the gear i have on is not my main spec, I usually raid as resto unless otherwise needed, although i think you can see the dedication in my raiding as my offset gear is better than most peoples main set. Also, i transfered and joined a friends guild when i quit WoW just to mess around.

Play style: I think my above experience says a lot about how well i work in a group as far as raiding goes. I'm a solid player with a good sense of humor and as drama free as possible. I never expect to be carried, a trait that is vital to being a successful player in a successful guild. I show up to guild events on time (usually early) with necessary equipment (Any potions, ammo, reagents, money needed) which i think largely contributes to good guild moral.

As far as i go, you can expect a solid, active player. I normally have great attendance record except during extreme times of change, and I notify proper leadership of these changes when they (rarely) occur. You can also expect me to be ready for raids on time, including necessary equipment, such as in WoW I always had potions, ammo, reagents and repair money ready, as well as general ideas of the encounters, and a basic idea of the guild strats on new content. I also tend to be very agressive when it comes to new content, including gathering necessary keys/reputation. I strive to achieve my goal of being as good of a player that i can possibly be, including reading forums and watching video's for advice / ideas on how to be better. I continually read such things and gather as much information as possible.

Short Story on why you would like to join: I have been a part of several high end guilds, and i would like to continue that trend. I view myself as a good solid player and a great guildmate. I am generally very into my guilds, and have done things such as donate money for tanks to respec, farmed potions for guild events for other people, helped buy / farm gear for core members, and in Everquest was a very active part of helping all of my guild mates get their Ssra Emp keys and Vex Thal keys.

I recently saw you guys in a scenario and you guys seemed very solid.

Thank you for your time in reading this application. I look forward to swiftly responding to any questions you may have, and reading any posts you make Smile

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Re: Slarith's Application

Post  Nao on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:33 am

Wha !!!! No Avatar ? Pfft fired before your hired. Just fooling. You fall right in line with what Virtue is looking for in a player. I recommend grabbing our vent info and just popping in, look for a group and go from there. Right now were recruiting for active members that we can depend on. Dedicates are very important for us. We prefer to remain a small , fast elite guild. Im sure you have used ventrilo and im sure you will fit in just fine. I will be on pretty much 24/7 in the next 10 days look me up in game. Name is Naokhan or just do a /who virtue and group with any of those guys. Just let them know you applied to the guild and your lfgroup. In fact there should be many playing now.



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